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Red Light Therapy for Cancer

Red light therapy is a form of therapy and the delivers energy to cells by applying a range of visible and other names for red light therapy include low level laser therapy, phototherapy, photo bio stimulation, and photo bio modulation. Red light therapy as an FDA approved treatment for acne, muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and compromise blood circulation and for reversing hair loss. There are over 50,000 studies available to read. Near infrared light is another form of electromagnetic radiation that is like red light in both frequency and its beneficial biologic effects

Red light ranges in wavelength from about 620-700 nm. Near infrared ranges from 700-1000 nm. The foremost efficiently observe wavelength of red and near infrared light have been found to be 620 nm, 670 nm, 716 nm and 830 nm.

Since there are 50,000 published papers on red and near infrared light therapies, the list becomes exhaustive. Some of them include Achilles’ tendinitis, age related macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, Bell’s palsy, bone fractures, carpal tunnel, COPD, depression, diabetic foot, glaucoma, back pain, muscle pain, neuropathy, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, aging, fungus, and wound healing, enhanced brain function eliminate anxiety and depression relieve pain regrow hair and many others.

How does red light therapy work for cancer?

Red light and enhances mitochondrial metabolism by restoring cytochrome C oxidase enzyme. This produces increased ATP production, increase his cellular oxygenation, increase his blood flow in the body, increase his carbon dioxide production, reduce his stress hormones, reduce his lactic acid, reduces inflammation, and reduce his free radicals.

Many therapies can be sensitized by light therapy to kill cancer. If you would like more information on red light therapy, or natural substance to kill cancer, on low dose metronomic genomic chemotherapy and cancer vaccines please call us at 727-330-3844.


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