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Cannabis for Cancer Patients

Cannabis contains at least 68 cannabinoids including the major ones THC and CBD. They are part of a homeostatic system which keeps us healthy by acting as check and balances on molecular action in our body. They are retrograde messengers, alternating synoptic plasticity through which learning, and memory occur.

Cannabis products can dramatically ease nausea in chemotherapy patients, stimulate appetite and cachexia and ease chronic pain. It is the THC which is anti-cachectic, but I feel pain and nausea are best managed by a synergy of CBD and THC.

They suppress cancer by the following mechanisms:

Directly retard cancer growth, selectively kill cancer cells, THC inhibits angiogenesis, both THC and CBD inhibit metastasis, THC inhibits epithelial growth factor, CBD modulates inflammatory growth factors and both suppressed cancers of pancreas, lung, head and neck, cholangiocarcinoma, leukemias and lymphomas.

In my opinion both CBD and THC are necessary to control cancer growth. Some stranger preparations with high CBD can be potent medically while reducing some of the psychotropic effects of the THC. It is best to start with a low dose.

Please remember that these substances are immunosuppressive and can inhibit T-lymphocyte cell function. They may also not be indicated while using immunotherapy. Because they suppress your immune function you need to be careful if you have an infection.

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