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Supportive oligonucleotide (SOT)

SOT therapy is a new revolution treatment for cancer or infections. The infections include viruses as well as Lyme and its co-infections. Each SOT is created for each cancer and each infection. Treatment is personalized. The treatment is targeted against specific genes in the laboratory. Through the replication of genes and then the creation of an antisense copy, the abnormal genes are silenced. In the laboratory, there is formulated 500 million to 1 billion copies of the unique SOT molecule.

SOT for cancer

SOT can induce apoptosis or cell death to cancer cells in your body. The circulating cancer cells are analyzed, and then a small molecule of micro RNA is developed to attack the part of cancer that controls its function. This is non-genetic, nontoxic treatment, which is effective 24/7 throughout the day. Therapies may be repeated three times a year if necessary.

SOT for viral infections and Lyme infections

SOT is now available for many viral infections, including Epstein-Barr, CMV, herpes, HHV-6, HIV, hepatitis, HPV, and others, as well as for Lyme, Ehrlichia, Babesia, and Bartonella. Once administered, the SOT works by shutting down gene replication to these infections. It has revolutionized my treatment of infectious diseases.

Also, the immune function of each patient needs to be optimized after evaluation. This therapy is utilized along with autologous cancer vaccines, dendritic cell vaccines, and checkpoint inhibitors. Low-dose personalized chemotherapy and natural substances are also utilized for cancer. If you suffer from chronic infections, we can help you with SOT. Immune function optimization before receiving SOT is imperative.

Combination therapy
works best

If you have cancer, we combine SOT therapies with other forms of immunotherapy, including checkpoint inhibitors, autologous cancer cell vaccines, and dendritic cell vaccines. We also used molecular genomic low-dose chemotherapy in addition to natural substances. If you have infections in addition to SOT therapies, we are incorporating intravenous therapies along with other immune-enhancing therapies.

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