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Integrative Cardiology

I am and integrative cardiologist practicing here in Clearwater Florida. After finishing my cardiology fellowship at that the Deborah Heart and Lung Center I realized one thing; people come back. I began seeing the patient’s coming back with recurrent blockages in her coronary arteries, arrhythmias, congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy. After being in practice for 42 years essentially not much has changed. Yes, we are using more medication, but we are doing more surgeries essentially with the knowledge that heart disease is progressive. After suffering from a mild heart attack at age 50 I began to explore alternative and integrative therapies that would keep me alive. I have had no cardiac stenting, no angioplasty, and no surgery. My heart function is excellent, and I am angina free. At this point in my life I use several integrative therapies which I have incorporated into my daily program. I am convinced that not one thing that keeps me alive or keeps my arteries open. It everything acting as a symphony. Having evolved over the years my protocol has gotten better and better.

I still advocate traditional testing and treatment including calcium scores, nuclear stress testing, echocardiography, doppler, 24-hour Holter monitoring, event recorder’s cardiac catheterization and even sometimes coronary artery bypass grafting or valve replacement. I feel there is still a need for noninvasive and invasive testing, but the difference is that my treatments are now personalized and based on the genes of each patient. They are also based on the patient’s toxicity, infections, nutrient levels, and the amount of inflammation and free radicals are oxidative stress. Also important are degrees of methylation and homocysteine, cholesterol, coagulation, nitric oxide and hormone status.

With the new science of genomic testing I am now able to evaluate your genes which are your book a life. I am now able to look at the genes from both your mother and your father and developed a personalized program for your angina, arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, or cardiomyopathy. I do extensive testing to get to the root cause of your disease. The infections need to be controlled, the heavy metals need to be lower and the inflammation and free radicals need to be extinguished. Nutrient levels need to be replaced and amino acid deficiency are corrected. The use of magnetic therapy with PEMF as well as stem cells and exosomes are times utilized. IV nutritional therapy is very important, and this includes ozone therapy, glutathione, poly-MVA and many others.

As a cardiologist I feel I have the unique opportunity to help many people. I have learned this over the years from treating myself. I am still a very traditional cardiologist but having been sick with a heart attack 20 years ago I feel that the integration of these other therapies is very important for myself as well as my patients. Testing is the key and an integrative approach is the answer.

New testing available

The heart is a muscle, and with heart failure, the heart needs specific nutrients and hormones to optimize its function. The heart needs oxygen to make it pump better. The heart needs to be free of infections. These include viral infections, mold infections, and bacterial infections. The muscle needs to be free of toxins and heavy metals. New testing to evaluate oxidized LDL, myeloperoxidase, homocysteine, PLAC, omega-3 levels, cardiac CRP, and others needed. Nitric oxide levels are critically important.

As we age, our body undergoes inflammation, and our blood viscosity increases. With this increase, antioxidants will diminish and open the door for this stage of progressive heart disease. Only with testing will you know what your levels are or what needed next.

Of utmost importance in preventing and treating heart disease is the evaluation of your genes, which are called single nucleotide polymorphisms. I evaluated mine, and the results have dramatically changed my life. Based on my genetic information, I have now personalized my cardiac protocols. Only through this genetic evaluation is this information available. Micronutrient evaluation is also essential.

What Cardiologic problems do I treat?

New cutting-edge treatments are available for angina, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema, shortness of breath, arrhythmia, and idiopathic cardiomyopathies.

Testing for viral infections and Lyme infection

Many patients with heart disease have an underlying viral infection that needs treatment. A new supportive oligonucleotide technique (SOT) can now kill your viruses using antisense RNA therapy.

Toxin and heavy metal testing

Many patients with heart disease have a multitude of chemicals and pesticide plastics and other toxins that need to be evaluated and detoxified from the heart muscle and then coronary artery vasculature. I had evidence of aluminum, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and other toxic metals that I needed to eliminate from my heart and body.

Combination therapy works best

If you are suffering from heart disease, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema, cardiomyopathy, atrial fibrillation, or other arrhythmias, I can formulate a personalized program based on extensive testing. Intravenous IV therapies, vitamins, minerals, will be administered based on testing. Additional treatments might include PEMF and various oxygen therapies.

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