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Welcome to the Silver Cancer Institute and Center for Chronic Disease

We are dedicated to practicing world-class science-based medicine. I have traveled the world to bring the best therapies to the city. I am a traditional cardiologist with 42 years in hospital medicine. We now combine this with new integrative therapies. With new testing and new treatments, we can optimize your health and extend your lifespan.

We have developed new cutting-edge therapies for stage IV cancers, cancer metastasis, and cancers unresponsive to traditional therapies. We also specialize in Lyme disease and complex chronic disease. Welcome to the new personalized medicine called Precision medicine. These are unique treatments tailored to each patients’ genes testing. They are targeted therapies unique to each patient based on molecular evaluation and extensive biochemical evaluation

New Genetic personalized molecular Cancer treatments

The completion of the human genome project has marked a new beginning in the treatment of cancers. We are now able to screen for tumors in a patient's blood and evaluate new genetic biomarkers and pathways that drive your cancer through genomic profiling. Chemosensitivity testing, as well as testing for natural substances, allows us to customize every cancer patient. Through advanced molecular analysis that is now available, we can better tailor personalized cancer therapy.

We can now use immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors, autologous tumor vaccine, dendritic cell vaccine, and supportive oligonucleotide therapies (SOT). This next-generation sequencing is laying the foundation for personalized medicine, truly tailored to each patient and each patient-specific gene mutation found in their tumors.

Lyme disease, mold toxicity, neurologic disease, autoimmune disease, integrative cardiology and anti-aging medicine

Through advanced personalized evaluation, each patient is treated with international protocols. Genes, toxin, infections, and the biochemistry of each patient is examined. Whether you have stage IV cancer or wish to extend your life span we can help you. Our Lyme literate physician is trained by the many great doctors from around the world.

The Silver Cancer Institute Advantage

Our primary healthcare provider is a critical care cardiologist who himself suffered from cancer and a heart attack 20 years ago. He cured himself after learning about therapies around the world and, with his wife Jeannette, offers the best of integrative therapy. Remember, our provider has been a patient too. He understands your medical needs. He is a compassionate and caring M.D.

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We hope you enjoy this website as it was written after extensive research and years of experience.


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