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Mold and Biotoxin Disease

Mold and biotoxins

I grew up in a moldy house in Philadelphia, where my father got infected with Aspergillus that infiltrated his lungs. He was chronically short of breath and coughing, but he never smoked. He used many types of pulmonary inhalers and finally died when the infection spread throughout his body. I had my issues with mold but was able to conquer them.

We now know that toxins from mold such as Aspergillus, Stachybotrys, Penicillium, and others are affecting many patients in the United States and the world. I believe it is imperative to check your exposure to them. I have seen mold toxins in patients as far away as Dubai and Kuai. Mold can enter our body if we inhale the spores, absorb the toxins or ingest them in the form of contaminated food. Certain foods, such as dried fruits, aged cheeses, mushrooms, over ripe fruits and vegetables, beer, wine, vinegar, and processed meats are known to contain small amounts of specific mycotoxins. The problem is mold toxins can dissolve in fat and water and move anywhere through the body and all the membranes known as the biotoxin pathway.

What are the symptoms of mold exposure?

The symptoms are many and varied and include asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, bone pain, nosebleeds, rash, shortness of breath, Alzheimer’s, cognitive decline, headaches, and sinus problems. The chronic infection causes the immune system to chronically turn on and is called the chronic inflammatory response syndrome.

Genes and immunity are the real problems

Having treated thousands of patients over the years and having treated myself, I am convinced that the main problem is that of genes and lowered immunity. I believe that testing is essential in every patient because the treatment is truly personalized. Testing for single nucleotide polymorphisms to evaluate your genes performed. Immune testing and optimization are of critical importance. I have seen most patients get infected with viruses as well as other infections. I also had heavy metals in addition to other toxins. I have seen many family members suffer from the same problem. Testing your home is essential.

Mold can cause autoimmune disease

We now know that the various toxins released by the mold infection can affect and cause autoimmunity. The evaluation of this infection is of paramount importance and performed in each case.

Personalized genomic treatment

If you are suffering from symptoms of mold toxicity and nothing has helped you so far, I can be of assistance. In most patients, there is an immunodeficiency present. Evaluation of immune function is critical, and restoration of immune function is of great importance. Other infections associated with patients include Lyme disease, HHV-6, Epstein-Barr, herpes virus CMV, and others. The virus and Lyme disease can be treated with supportive oligonucleotides(SOT). Heavy metals are detoxified along with the restoration of the antioxidant status. A synergistic multimodal protocol is utilized. Several different binders, such as activated charcoal, chlorella, and others, are being used to rid you of the mold.

Combination therapy works best

Patients infected with mold have severe symptoms. The treatment is multimodal and synergistic. I believe that through immune optimization, I can better help the patient. The killing of coexistent infections, toxins, heavy metals, is essential. Optimization of nutritional levels, as well as hormones, are additive along with supportive oligonucleotides (SOT), when indicated, is necessary.

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