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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease)

With new integrative therapies we can better target pathogenic mechanisms in hopes of slowing the disease progression and improving quality of life.

We are now using Neural Growth Factors for neuronal recovery.

With integrative treatment I have seen stabilization in many patients. All the patient’s I have seen have suffered from autoimmune disease to neuronal tissue, which is evaluated, and a personalized protocol instituted. The treatment is obviously personalized after appropriate testing.

What causes Lou Gehrig’s disease?

The causes are both genetic and environmental. In the patient’s I have treated over the years all of them have suffered from environmental causes. For this reason, testing is essential. The testing is personalized and unique teach patient. In some cases, there is mutation of a superoxide dismutase gene (SOD). If there is mutation of this gene there is an excessive number of free radicals with oxidative damage and damage to the nerve. Studies have shown elevated levels of oxidative stress and free radicals within the central nervous system as well as peripherally in all ALS patients.

Other factors include glutamate toxicity, mitochondrial dysfunction, environmental toxins, viral infections, and Lyme infections.

Other factors include glutamate toxicity, cervical disc disease, mitochondrial dysfunction, environmental toxins, viral infections, and Lyme infections. Researchers have also identified the role of heavy metals. Both lead and mercury have been linked to Lou Gehrig’s disease. Exposure to pesticides is another risk factor.

Neural growth factors may represent the next generation of ALS therapy.

This therapy offers the potential to alter the course in ALS afflicted patients.

Lyme disease and Viral infection can cause ALS

I have had several patients with ALS that were found to have Lyme disease and virus. The good news is we have now developed supportive oligonucleotide to kill the infections. We use very special laboratories to detect this. The patient’s I have seen have never had them.

If you are infected with Lyme, Ehrlichia, Babesia, Bartonella or other viral infections with herpes, CMV, Epstein-Barr and others these need to be eradicated. We are now using specific RNA techniques called SOT to eradicate these infections.

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Combination therapy is best

New testing is now available for patients who have ALS. It is essential to evaluate the cause and develop a personalized unique treatment plan. Treatments are synergistic and include multiple intravenous therapies as well as supportive oligonucleotide therapy (SOT). The key to the most successful treatment has been to evaluate the cause of the disease and to use specific treatments based on testing.

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