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Curcumin for Cancer

Curcumin is derived from the yellow spice turmeric. Oral absorption is poor and for that reason I use it intravenously.

It has many mechanisms to kill cancer. These include the inhibition of the entire inflammatory cascade, the inhibition of mTOR, and the inhibition of cancer initiation, promotion, and progression. In addition, it blocks cell cycle progression at the G2/S-phase transition and significantly inhibits angiogenesis or the formation of new blood vessels in the cancer.

It can also reverse liver damage from fungal toxins and is highly chemo protective, it blocks tumor in duction by chemical carcinogens.

Studies have shown it significantly inhibits the number and volume of tumors.

It is also synergistic with soy, green tea, and many other natural substances.

I have taken it for many years and all my patients are also using it.

Combining natural substances such as curcumin with low dose metronomic genomic chemotherapy along with re-purpose cancer drugs and cancer vaccines will help you in your cancer fight.

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