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Metformin for Cancer

Metformin is still the best treatment for type 2 diabetes, taken by 150 million people worldwide for the control of blood sugar. In 2005 Dr. Evans saw that diabetic patients will Metformin have a 23% reduction in cancer. Other studies have found a 30-50% reduction.

Once inside the cell metformin inhibits complex 1 of the mitochondrial electron transport chain. This intern activates AMPK which then inhibits the m TOR pathway which reduces cancer cell proliferation.

There is also decreased glucose blood levels by decreasing hepatic glucose output and increasing glucose uptake in the muscles and fat tissues. This results in an overall increase insulin sensitivity and reduced insulin levels thus decreasing cancer.

Metformin also inhibits Hexokinase 2 function resulting in an immediate cytotoxic effect in the reduction of cancer cell growth.

In 2013 Dr. Hirsch studied a breast cancer model finding that Metformin “selectively kills” cancer stem cells by inhibiting Kappa B activation and STAT3 activation as well as many other cancer pathways.

I used many of the re-purpose drugs along with Metformin for my cancer patients. If you are interested in integrative cancer care, we use natural substances, low dose metronomic targeted chemotherapy and various cancer vaccines.

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