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Ketogenic Diet

Humanity evolved the ability to survive starvation by converting fats in the liver to water-soluble ketones which the brain and heart can burn for energy if sugars run out. Healthy cells can burn ketones for energy. However, cancer cells calmed to rely almost entirely on fermenting glucose for energy because of massively depleted and damage mitochondria, incapable of normal respiration necessary to use ketones.

A low carbohydrate and high fat diet with medium chain triglycerides, omega-3 oils and other fats and a high protein diet can theoretically start cancer cells. This is eloquently discussed in the book cancer as a metabolic disease” This is an important tool in cancer management. Ketones are direct inhibitors of tumor growth.

An established ketogenic diet will show high blood ketones and low urinary ketones. Please keep in mind that caloric restriction is essential to a successful ketogenic diet. A 40% reduction in calories is antiangiogenic, anti-inflammatory and reduce his tumor growth in mice. Initially no more than 12 g of cars for day to start maintaining a maximum of approximately 20 g of carbohydrate per meal, and a maximum of 70 g of carbs a day. Everybody’s threshold for making ketones is different and needs to be checked.

I believe that we should all be following an organic, vegetarian, ketogenic diet with adequate protein intake.

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