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Methylene Blue for Cancer

Methylene blue is an inexpensive blue dye developed by scientist in the 19 centrally from the textile industry it was later used as a die in medicine used with the microscope to identify organisms.

The effects of methylene blue on medic under a respiration of normal and cancer cells are different. ES Guzman Barron from John Hopkins University published a study in the 1930s in which she states “methylene blue exerts its catalytic power only on cells or tissues possessing aerobic onycholysis” this means that cancer cells are killed by methylene blue.

In NICU thousand 18 study it showed that methylene blue effectively reduces the viability of androgen-dependent and androgen independent prostate cancer cells.

In another recent study methylene blue was demonstrated hypopnea anticancer activity in vitro and in vivo via inhibition of heat shock protein 70-induced and lung carcinogenesis.

It asked by correcting metabolic defects at complexes 1 through 4 in the mitochondria and red-light therapy combined with methylene blue is called photodynamic therapy. This is become one of the most promising and popular research subjects in recent decades.

If you are interested in methylene blue for infections, and many other conditions please call us. We are currently using it intravenously to repair and correct mitochondrial dysfunction and treat cancer. We also used many natural substances, low-dose genomic fractionated chemotherapy and various cancer vaccines with repurposed cancer drugs. We can be reached at 727-330-3844.


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