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IV Therapy Anti Aging

Anti Aging treatments with regenerative medicine

In 2000 I became board certified by the American Board of antiaging medicine. Through these meetings, lectures, and symposiums, I learned how to turn back the hands of time for myself. Antiaging medicine is the restoration of health. It is prevention. It is Precision medicine based on our genes and environmental factors that determine our lifespan.

Twenty years ago, at the age of 50, I had cancer and a heart attack. I survived them both. I am now cancer-free and never had a stent or cardiac bypass surgery. I have since been practicing antiaging or regenerative therapies. These therapies are directed at increasing my telomere length, restoring hormones and eradicating toxins and heavy metals. I employ PEMF, HBO, and photon treatment regularly. My patients and I additionally receive intravenous treatment at the office.

It all starts with a personalized testing

Testing for inflammation, cancer autoimmune disease, hormonal and balances, telomere length, toxins, infections, heavy metals genes, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals is performed. Optimization is the key to your success and longevity. I now do testing to make sure I do not have cancer every year. The good news is that through all this testing, I was able to formulate a personalized program based on my biochemical abnormalities, and based on my genetic profile. This testing saved my life.

Combination therapy works best

Through the use of extensive evaluation, a personalized treatment protocol has developed. Telomere testing performed at yearly intervals as well as other biomarkers of longevity. Treatments are aimed at the restoration of mitochondrial function, improvement of oxygen utilization, killing of infections, optimization of hormones, and optimization of mental acuity.

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