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Welcome to the Silver Cancer Institute and Center for chronic disease

Welcome to the Silver Cancer Institute and Center for Chronic Disease in Clearwater Florida. I am a Cardiologist practicing medicine for 42 years. I cured myself of cancer in 2000. I now practice integrative oncology. We are dedicated to the best science-based peer-reviewed medicine specializing in cancer, Lyme disease (ILADS member) and complex chronic disease.

We perform new personalized genomic cancer testing utilizing the RGCC Test. I have been using this test since 2006. At that time, I cured my father of bladder cancer utilizing the results of this test. Many different new vaccines are now available for your cancer success.

The treatment of Lyme disease is integrative. Over 25 years I have developed a successful treatment plan tailored for each patient.

Thank you for visiting my website and if you should have any questions please call us at 727-330-3844.

Our New Cancer Treatments

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Cancer Testing and Treatment

We are Specialized in the following Diseases.

Personalized Cancer Testing

New personalized, molecular genomic DNA testing for detection, prognosis, therapy, and cancer prevention. New “tailor-made” personalized treatment programs based on your cancer genome and molecular mutations produce better outcomes and cancer remission. New revolutionary treatments for around the world.

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Cancer Metastasis

The analysis of your cancer genome represents a powerful tool to identify effective chemotherapy and mechanisms of resistance and eventual chemotherapy failure Targeted therapies to reduce chemotherapy resistance and failure. Natural therapies can reverse chemotherapy resistance.

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The use of checkpoint inhibitors, autologous tumor vaccines, Dendritic cell vaccines with immune optimization. Unleash the power of your immune system. It has revolutionized the treatment of cancer. Learn how to raise your immune function to help reverse your cancer.

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Targeted molecular low-dose chemotherapy based on chemosensitivity and natural substances testing. Low dose metronomic chemotherapy based on your chemosensitivity testing can avoid toxicity and chemotherapy resistance.

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Research genetic cancer Center group (RGCC) Cancer Testing

In 2006 my father had a bladder cancer and he was getting the wrong chemotherapy and he was getting it a traditional high dose. I attended a medical meeting and met the owner of RGCC Group. He described a test where he could measure the amount of circulating cancer in the blood as well as determine which chemotherapy and which natural substances worked best. I performed the testing and found that my dad was getting ineffective chemotherapy. I switched to chemotherapy according to the test results and gave it to him in low doses, so he did not have side effects. He also received natural substances intravenously. Six months later my dad was cured of his cancer. Over the years I did intermittent blood testing and he remained negative. I periodically have testing and continue to be negative for cancer.

Research genetic cancer Center (RGCC) is a world class laboratory specializing in cancer genetics and circulating tumor counts. It focuses on molecular oncology. Every year the test panels are expanding and every year there are new vaccines now available for our cancer patients. The testing allows for early detection and diagnosis of new cancers, sometimes years before most cancers would be detected. It allows for the monitoring of the existing cancers as well as gives a prognosis concerning the recurrence of disease.

Additional testing includes chemosensitivity testing to identify which chemotherapy drug demonstrates the most effective to each individual patient. Testing is also performed to identify chemo resistance. This is the identification of chemotherapy drugs that will not be as effective for each individual patient.

Assessment of natural substances and plant extracts against each patient’s cancer is tested for. These natural substances are synergistic with the low dose chemotherapy.

I feel that immune function is very important in all patients but especially cancer patients. This is a test that I feel is necessary in each patient. Repairing immune function gives better outcomes and success.

In addition, the test evaluates 72 tumor related genes and for resistant factors that I use in formulating a personalized treatment plan.

The difference between tumor free and cancer free

Tumor free means that there are no active tumors that are found on ultrasound, x-ray, CAT scan, MRI, or PET scanning. In addition, or your blood markers are negative or within normal limits. Unfortunately, this is the term used in a large majority of cases. The patient is then told to watch and wait. If it comes back, then generally the patient is on palliative care or get another round of high-dose chemotherapy. This is sometimes accompanied with immunotherapy if indicated.

Cancer free includes everything from the tumor free plus there is no circulating cancer in your blood. The only normal level should be 0. I have monitored people over the years and the goal is to reach 0 and stay there. Maintaining a proactive approach is the key to success.

Cancer Metastasis and RGCC testing

According to “Cancer growth metastasis” 2015 volume 8 metastasis frequently exists prior to the detection of the primary tumor. In addition, metastatic cells may reside in organs in the original host that are not usually the site of detectable secondary tumors. The problem is that metastatic cells can remain dormant for decades after the primary tumor has been removed. Adding to the problem is that dormancy might be reversible and lead to later recurrences. This being the problem it is important to obtain testing from RGCC on a periodic basis.

Combination therapy works best

Personalized cancer treatment combining targeted low dose chemotherapy, natural substances, and immunotherapy worked best. We also used various vaccines including dendritic cell vaccine, whole tumor vaccine and SOT.

If you would like more information, please call us at the Silver cancer center to the learn more about our RGCC testing and personalized cancer care treatment programs. We can be reached at 727-330-3844.

Types of Cancer We Treat

Brain Cancer

The cancer genome atlas research network has provided new insights into the personalized genomics mutations that drive disease progression in glioblastoma multiforme. Use targeted specific agents based on your cancer genetic mutations. Low-dose chemotherapy, natural substances, and cancer vaccines to penetrate your blood-brain barrier.

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Breast Cancer

World wide breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of death among females. Measure your new molecular and genomics predictive factors in your blood to determine personalized treatment programs. Targeted Low-dose chemotherapy, natural substances, and immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors and cancer vaccines New revolutionary treatments

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Colon Cancer

Measure your genomic “driver mutations” and block these critical pathways using targeted low-dose targeted chemotherapy, natural substances, and immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors and cancer vaccines. Revolutionary new Combination therapy works best.

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Kidney Cancer

It is anticipated that in the future kidney cancer will soon become a chronic disorder as we understand the cancer genome. Learn about new personalized programs based on the testing of your cancer genome. Learn about immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors and cancer vaccines giving durable remissions To make kidney cancer become a chronic disease extending your life

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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Non-small cell lung cancer represents 80%, and small cell lung cancer represents 20%. Learn about new genomic tools for identification, prediction treatment, and prognosis. Personalized programs Using targeted low-dose chemotherapy, natural substances and immunotherapy with a checkpoint inhibitor and cancer vaccines New science-based revolutionary treatments

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For Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, new testing allows us to target cancer mutations using low-dose chemotherapy, natural substances, and immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors and cancer vaccines. Learn about new targeted, personalized revolutionary treatment programs.

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The genetic and molecular understanding of melanoma is transforming its treatment. Measure your molecular mutational drivers making cancer more aggressive, which can be targeted and blocked. New low dose targeted chemotherapy, natural substances and immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors and cancer vaccines are extending patient’s life

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Ovarian Cancer

Gynecological cancer research is changing the way we treat ovarian cancer. We can now measure the molecular pathways and block these “driver mutations using targeted revolutionary personalized treatments. These include targeted low-dose chemotherapy, natural substances, and immunotherapy, which checkpoint inhibitors and cancer vaccines. Do revolutionary personalize programs

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Pancreatic Cancer

We can now offer patients promising new therapies based on the new revolutionary genome at testing. By evaluating your cancer biomarkers, “we can now formulate personalized therapies utilizing low-dose targeted chemotherapy, natural substances, and immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors and cancer vaccines. Combining modern technology with our scientific knowledge and molecular diagnostics can give you better outcomes with this new revolutionary treatment

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Uterine Cancer

Endometrial cancer is the most common gynecologic malignancy. With new genomic biomarkers, we can develop personalized programs, including low-dose chemotherapy, natural substances, and immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors and cancer vaccines. You cutting edge treatments from around the world

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Other Cancer

Please call us for an in-depth discussion of your cancer and the treatment modalities from around the world available here

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New Genetic molecular cancer treatments

This new testing can evaluate which chemotherapy works best in addition to exploring which natural therapies can be synergistic. These biomarkers will accelerate your cancer's growth and can be blocked. The chemotherapy is genetically targeted to each individual and is metronomic and low-dose. Not using high dose maximum tolerated traditional chemotherapy avoids much of the toxic side effects.

I am also using immunotherapy with the new checkpoint inhibitors. We test all patients for tumor mutational burden and microsatellite instability. This test ascertains the checkpoint inhibitors will work. In addition, we are using immunotherapy with autologous cancer vaccines, dendritic cell vaccine and oligonucleotide therapy. I believe that therapy should be multimodal that is necessary to attack cancer from all avenues. Of primary importance is evaluation and treatment of each patients innate immune system. An immune optimization is of paramount importance.

I believe that integrative cancer therapies provide the best answer to your long-term recovery. It is a blend of both traditional and alternative medicine. I practice peer reviewed scientific treatments based on scientific studies from around the world. The side effects of traditional therapy with chemotherapy radiation and surgery are of paramount importance in your survival and long-term success. No matter what you decide is best for you I can help you in your journey to wellness. If you are suffering from the effects of high-dose chemotherapy and radiation I can help you. A growing body of scientific literature now suggests that surgery can increase the risk of metastasis after surgery. After the surgery you need to prevent this metastasis.

Natural Substances for Cancer

Artemisinin For Cancer

Artemisinin has been used for years for the treatment of malaria and other parasite infections. We now know that it has many mechanisms to kill cancer. It has been shown in multiple cell lines studies to have a positive tumor kill effect. It reacts with iron to form free radicals that can kill the cancer cells.

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Cannabis for Cancer Patients

Cannabis contains at least 68 cannabinoids including the major ones THC and CBD. They are part of a homeostatic system which keeps us healthy by acting as check and balances on molecular action in our body. They are retrograde messengers, alternating synoptic plasticity through which learning, and memory occur.

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Curcumin for Cancer

Curcumin is derived from the yellow spice turmeric. Oral absorption is poor and for that reason I use it intravenously. It has many mechanisms to kill cancer. These include the inhibition of the entire inflammatory cascade, the inhibition of mTOR, and the inhibition of cancer initiation, promotion, and progression.

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Green Tea for Cancer

I am now using green tea intravenously because it has a wonderful effect on killing cancers. It inhibits many cancers by blocking cells in the G0 and G1 phase and arresting cells in the G2 and M phase of the cell cycle. It induces a proptosis or cell death and dose-dependent matter. It does this by regulating that BCL–2 protein and lowering it.

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Ketogenic Diet

Humanity evolved the ability to survive starvation by converting fats in the liver to water-soluble ketones which the brain and heart can burn for energy if sugars run out. Healthy cells can burn ketones for energy. However, cancer cells calmed to rely almost entirely on fermenting glucose for energy because of massively depleted and damage mitochondria, incapable of normal respiration necessary to use ketones.

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Melatonin for Cancer

This hormone is produced in the pineal gland in the brain. The daily variation in light received by the eye tells the pineal gland to make bursts of melatonin. Melatonin production is suppressed by morning light that promotes alertness. The ideal light to switch off melatonin is blue light at 480 nm wavelength, but the closest light to 480 we see is the bright blue color of the sky when a sunny day.

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Methylene Blue for Cancer

Methylene blue is an inexpensive blue dye developed by scientist in the 19 centrally from the textile industry it was later used as a die in medicine used with the microscope to identify organisms. The effects of methylene blue on medic under a respiration of normal and cancer cells are different.

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Poly-Mva for Cancer

Poly-MVA is a dietary supplement containing a blend of the mineral Palladium bonded to alpha lipoic acid, folic acid, and B vitamins B1, B2, and B12, in addition and acetylcysteine, molybdenum and rhodium. I use it intravenously.

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Red Light Therapy for Cancer

Red light therapy is a form of therapy and the delivers energy to cells by applying a range of visible and other names for red light therapy include low level laser therapy, phototherapy, photo bio stimulation, and photo bio modulation. Red light therapy as an FDA approved treatment for acne, muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and compromise blood circulation and for reversing hair loss.

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Resveratrol In Cancer

It is produced by many plants when they are stressed or under attack. It is a constituent of red wine and provides and antioxidants and anticancer effect. Oral absorption is poor, and I am using it intravenously in my cancer patients.

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Vitamin C In Cancer

The most well-known, and perhaps most controversial, IV therapy is high-dose intravenous vitamin C. It was first popularized by Dr. Klenner in the 1940s. Vitamin C forms hydrogen peroxide which gives the patient many nutrients to kill cancer cells and strengthen the non-cancer cells. Unfortunately, oral vitamin C does not work to kill your cancer.

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Chronic Diseases We Treat

Cancer Conditions & Treatments

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Chronics Diseases & Treatments

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The Silver Cancer Institute Advantage

The advantages of coming to the Silver cancer Institute are that I am a critical care cardiologist treating the extremely sick people seen in the hospital for years. I am also a cancer and heart attack survivor and due to this I have Extreme compassion for my patients. Through the successes that I have achieved in my own health I am better able to treat you. When your chemotherapy does not work there are answers, new testing and there are new alternatives. I assure you traditional medicine does not have all the answers. Remember I am a traditional doctor and cured myself using integrative therapies. In fact, I continue to do intravenous therapies and take daily supplements. I now use therapies from around the world. Most patients do not realize that we have new genomic information through blood testing. There is now new testing that makes much of the tissue biopsied testing obsolete. New data suggests that as the tumor progresses through your bloodstream there are cancer cells mutations. This is what is important to the patient. We need to test the genomic profile in the blood of each patient and determine exactly what fits their cancer based on their molecular analysis.

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