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About Dean R. Silver, MD, MD(H):


Dean R. Silver M.D., M.D.(H), is a fellowship-trained board-certified integrative cardiologist specializing in the practice of integrative and alternative medicine for the treatment of cancer, Lyme disease, and anti-aging.

In 2000, Dr. Silver was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes. Rather than undergo traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he treated his condition with alternative modalities such as detoxification, vitamins, hormones, and dietary changes. He is now cancer-free.

Turning to alternative and integrative medicine, Dr. Silver was also able to diagnose himself with heavy metal poisoning, low immunity, infections from viruses and parasites, and autoimmune disease that had resulted in his cancer and heart attack.

Drawing from his own medical experience and failed experiences with conventional medicine, Dr. Silver offers patients a more personalized approach for the treatment and prevention of cancer and other complex diseases such as Lyme Parkinson's, Lyme Disease, and mold toxicity.

As Dr. Silver treated himself and pursued his path of healing, he also began to realize the environmental conditions that had contributed to his declining health, such as a moldy home throughout his life.

Dr. Silver is passionate about a more naturopathic approach to healthcare in addition to traditional allopathic medicine to formulate an individualized integrative care plan, specializing in complex, chronic diseases, and anti-aging.

Combining his unique natural approach with his advanced medical training, Dr. Silver promotes overall health and strives to keep patients out of the hospital and feeling their best. He believes that disease prevention is the key to longterm health and offers patients various techniques to relieve symptoms, reverse the effects of chronic health conditions, and help turn back the hands of time.

Drawing from medical experience, as well as his extensive background in cardiology and internal medicine, Dr. Silver focuses on alternative therapies for cancer and autoimmune disease, which include the evaluation of circulating cancer stem cells, chemosensitivity testing, insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), and immunotherapy treatments.

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Dr. Silver's Personal Story Of Healing:


As a child, I had several amalgam dental fillings which are made up of mercury placed in my mouth.  Subsequently, I noticed fatigue and nonspecific symptoms.  I always had sore throats and colds as a child.  Now I know this is from low immunity.  I grew up in Philadelphia, and the winters were freezing, and during the winter months, I did not feel right.  In my adolescent years, there was black mold behind my parents’ bed in their bedroom.  There was no real mold specialist back then, and the wall was cleaned with bleach, which we now know is the worst thing to do.  In retrospect, I am sure that mold was behind every wall in the house.  It always had a funny odor when you enter the house.  My dad always had problems with his breathing and ended up with a mold infection in his lungs and multiple hospitalizations for pneumonia.  He finally died with a widespread fungal infection and Alzheimer’s disease.

I took vitamins as a child and was always interested in improving my health.  Because of this, I pursued a career in medicine.  I also wanted to be a doctor to help my family.  I realized even from a young age that the healthcare system treated disease and did not focus on wellness.  My father was critically ill, and I could do nothing.  He had an aspergillus fungal infection which the doctors did not know how to treat.  It finally caused his death.  My mother had breast cancer and unfortunately was force to have total radical mastectomy, which now is not done with treatment of breast cancer.  It disfigured her for life.  The doctors never placed her on prevention or reoccurrence regimen. Traditional medicine failed; at that point, I learned about a more integrative approach and treated both of them.

My premedical studies were done at the Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania.  I majored in biology.  During that time, I was involved within FDA study for premedical students at the Hahnemann Hospital and medical college in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  My research involved the study of echocardiography, which at that point, was in its infancy.  I would see all the cardiac patients in the hospital and performed ultrasound studies to evaluate the heart function.  I presented my research, which helped further the study of echocardiography as a clinically beneficial study and cardiac patients.

After graduating from Temple University school of medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I completed an internal medicine residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Center.  It was a very busy hospital, and my training was excellent.

I became interested in cardiology and continued my studies with an invasive cardiology fellowship at the Deborah Heart and lung Center in Brown’s Mills, New Jersey.  This was a tertiary referral center, and I saw severe and intriguing cardiac cases from around the world.  After my cardiology fellowship, I became board-certified by the American Board of internal medicine and practiced Hospital cardiology for several years.  I only treated heart attacks and cardiac cases.  The problem with the traditional cardiology world is that we only use a handful of medications, and the same treatments are done on all the patients.  Pacemakers for when the heart is slow, cardiac catheterizations, and cardiac stents for when there is a blockage, high cholesterol medicine, high blood pressure medicine, and blood thinners.  I am not saying that this medicine is bad; I am just saying that it is constrained, and most of the people come back with more problems. There is no personalization of each person and no analysis of their genes or toxins.  Without doing this, I feel many people are not being treated optimally.  It was at this point that I realized that we were putting a Band-Aid on the disease; we were not really treating the patient to prevent this disease and make sure it never came back.

After seeing thousands of cancer patients, I realized that the treatment was inadequate, it needed to be better, but it never became personalized an individualized reach patient.  Stage, I and II cancers, did great, but in all the other stages, the cancer progressed and came back.  I remembered seeing cancer patients and asking myself why all the treatments for the same for each type of cancer.

At the age of 50, I finally developed cancer and also had a heart attack.  The reasons were twofold one was my genes, and the other one was my environment.  We are now able to look at our complete book of life by measuring single nucleotide polymorphisms.  I know all of mine.  Based on identifying my genes, I then understood why I had disease.  At that point in time, I developed a personalized program just for me.  As far as my environmental toxins, I had many which I detoxified and eliminated.

At this point, I needed to learn about cancer to cure myself, which I did.  I learned that a blood test could be done to reveal cancer in the bloodstream and that chemosensitivity and natural testing could be done.  Based on this testing, I developed a personalized program just for me, and after a few years, I was cancer-free.  I am still receiving treatments and will continue to receive treatments to stay cancer-free.  Most people do not realize that once the cancer is gone from there x-ray or MRI, it can remain in the blood and get reactivated years later.  Ongoing treatment is critical.

In 2000 I became one of the few physicians in the world to become board-certified by the American Academy of antiaging medicine.  The following year I was an oral board examiner and trained other doctors to pursue excellence in their medical protocols.

In 2007 I became board-certified in insulin potentiation therapy.  This is low-dose chemotherapy used in cancer treatments, which I believe are quite effective.  Low-dose chemotherapy does not have all of the toxic side effects, and recent studies have shown that it does not cause the cancers to spread as the high dose does.  It is also called metronomic chemotherapy.  Along with chemosensitivity testing to find out which chemotherapy best works in each patient, it has revolutionized my treatment of cancer.  I also use natural substances as well as various cancer vaccines.  I have brought the best effective treatments from around the world to the United States.

In 2014 I completed advanced training at the American medical college homeopathy and began integrating homeopathy in my medical practice.

In 2015 became a fellow of the American Academy of Ozone therapy.  Intravenous ozone, when mixed with the blood, is very effective in antiaging medicine, wellness medicine, and all types of critically oh people, especially cancer.

After moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, my wife Jeannette and I opened up the Silver Cancer Institute.  We are dedicated to practicing the best possible medicine from around the world.  I treat highly complex diseases, including metastatic cancer, multiple sclerosis, ALS, autoimmune disease mold, and Lyme disease.

It is an integrative practice bringing modalities from around the world. I practice world-class medicine.

If you are critically ill and you need answers, I can help.  If you do not feel well, I can show you the road to wellness.  I believe that personalized medicine if the best possible medicine offered.  I have made significant advances in my own healthcare, and I can improve yours.  Remember, your fight is my fight.

Dean R. Silver, M.D.


The Silver Cancer Institute has had the pleasure of helping countless patients on their road to recovery. Dr. Silver has treated patients from all backgrounds and walks of life, and we've seen even the most dire cases reach and stay in remission with our treatments. Here are a few of the inspirational testimonials and survivor stories we've witnessed at the Silver Cancer Institute, told by the patients themselves.

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