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Personalized Chronic Disease Treatment Plans
At the Silver Cancer Institute we will develop a personalized individual program to meet your needs. We feel that testing is imperative and will give you a much higher chance for successful treatment of your illness. We treat your whole body and not just your disease. We believe detoxification and restoration of immune function are of the utmost importance to your success. We incorporate the best testing and treatments available to us from around the world.
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World Class Care With The Silver Institute

We understand the complexities of the disease process. Our goal is to combine the best of both traditional and non-traditional medicine. Eastern and Western treatments for cancer and chronic diseases have shown to have improved outcomes. Our goal is to help test for contributing factors to your chronic illness, provide an integrative approach to the disease process, to prolong your life, to improve your quality of life, and of course to delay or cure your underlying disease.

Why Choose The Silver Cancer Institute?

Dean Silver MD has been a cancer survivor for over 22 years by maintaining an optimal level of health. Dr. Silver is a fellowship-trained cardiologist who is board certified by the American Board of internal medicine and the American Academy of antiaging medicine. He is also certified in chelation therapy for heavy metal detoxification as well as in insulin potentiation therapy, which is low-dose targeted chemotherapy for cancer.

Our Visions and Mission

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you our vision of developing a state of the art wellness center. We will provide a blend of traditional and alternative modalities to offer the best possible medical care for the patient. Our vision is to open a world-class, first of its kind center dedicated to age management, life extension, and treatments for cancer as well as other chronic, complex conditions. We wish to employ global technologies with proven track records that are backed by science. The emphasis is based on patient-centered personalized genomic and toxic evaluation along with quantum physics to optimize each patient’s biochemical individuality.

Better Solutions For Chronic Disease Treatment

Most of the diseases facing the world are chronic based on our aging population. Unfortunately, there are no systems in place to meet this demand for integrative treatment. Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are all chronic diseases related to aging. All diseases are present for years before they become clinically evident. We will optimize each patient’s genetic phenotypic expression through multiple mechanisms in hopes to improve quality of life and to improve your health as you age. Our primary goal is to help you live a long disease free life while remaining mentally and physically vibrant.

Scientifically Proven Testing & Treatments

The Silver Institute will focus on peer reviewed worldwide modalities to slow both the disease and the aging process. Each patient will receive a detailed written “plan for life”, copies of all testing with interpretations, dietary, exercise, nutritional, and medications will be presented in a format that is patient friendly. New information based on new scientific studies will constantly be updated. Weekly emails on medical updates will ensure a continued doctor patient relationship. Depending on you and your disease process, we will personalize an ongoing treatment plan. We have the ability to test for and to treat a multitude of chronic illnesses. In many cases poisoning from toxic heavy metals or exposure to various molds are issues we test for, and treat, as these can both cause chronic illnesses and adversely impact your health. We have highly innovative testing and treatments available. We have the capabilities to test for chemotherapy sensitivity for various cancers, mold toxicity, genetic testing for underlying congenital illness, and much more. Some of the advanced therapies we offer include low-dose chemotherapy for cancer (based on sensitivity testing), treatment for mold exposure, IV chelation therapies to remove toxic, poisonous heavy metals from your body, anti-aging and life-prolonging therapies, and much more.

Why Choose Integrative Medicine?

With an integrative approach we wish to bring to you the best chronic disease treatment and preventative treatment from around the world. We will work with you, either as your primary medical resource, or along with other doctors and facilities who are providing care to you. We are experts in guiding innovative care for many diseases; however, we can also be a very valuable supplement to the care you are currently receiving by other doctors or medical facilities.

The Absense of Illness Does Not Necessarily Equate to the Presence of Wellness

A diagnosis of chronic illness comes after a period of the declining function. If your declining function has not yet begun to decline or has only just begun to decline, now is the best time to start my program. This is when we have the greatest positive effect on your health.

We Offer a Variety of Tretment Options for Many Chronic Illnesses

A small sampling of diseases to be treated include: Chronic infections like Lyme, fungal infections, HIV, hepatitis, cirrhosis, Chron’s disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel, auto immune diseases, stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson's, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and many more.

Let's Talk About Cancer

Cancer will be treated in a more nontoxic manner. It will be treated as a metabolic disease with dysfunctional mitochondria causing abnormal genetic expression resulting in oncogenesis. All therapies will be based on genomic Chemo sensitivity testing and alternative substances testing from Europe. Cancer stem cell markers will also be obtained and monitored for effectiveness of treatment. Low dose target chemotherapy with also be used. I cured my father’s bladder cancer using this testing and treatment. It really works. Our amazing ability to help you treat your cancer can be your primary care option for oncology, or we can work with your oncology team to supplement the care they are providing. We offer resources and treatments from around the world that will help to improve your quality of life.

Neurological Disorder Treatment

Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and neuropathy are on the rise. They are progressive diseases for which traditional medicine has no real reason why and no real cure. The main reasons for these degenerative diseases are autoimmune disease, infections, toxins, inflammation and free radicals damage. When the neurons are attacked the microglia cells are stimulated and there is chronic inflammation with destruction and death. This may take years to occur since most of these diseases are not acute in nature, they are more chronic and progressive. Testing is essential. I begin with extensive genomic testing, autoimmune testing, mitochondrial testing, heavy metal testing, infections, pesticide and toxin testing. Every patient is different. Every patient has a different set of genes and a different toxic load. The treatment depends on the cause of the disease. The length of time varies. The more chronic disease the longer it takes. Therapies include restoration of mitochondrial function, eradication infections, minimizing free radicals and inflammation, eliminating autoantibodies and restoring blood-brain barrier function. Therapies include multiple IV therapies, Hbo, Pemf, infrared light signaling as well as stem cells and exosomes when indicated

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An integrative approach to cancer therapy, using the best of cutting-edge science and technology. 

Dean Silver MD has been a cancer survivor for over 22 years by maintaining an optimal health. Dr. Silver is a fellowship trained cardiologist who is board certified by the American Board of internal medicine and the American Academy of antiaging medicine. He is also certified in chelation therapy for heavy metal detoxification as well as in insulin potentiation therapy which is low-dose targeted chemotherapy for cancer.



The Silver Cancer Institute is a state-of-the-art, science-based cancer and Lyme Disease treatment center located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Focusing on complex chronic disease, the Silver Cancer Institute offers integrative therapies from around the world for cancer, Lyme Disease, neurology, integrative cardiology, mold infection, autoimmune disease, Parkinson's Disease, and anti-aging medicine

Lyme Disease Program

A multi-level approach to address the primary Lyme infection, co-infections, and multiple aspects of toxicity with mold, heavy metals, and environment.

Cancer Care Program

An integrative approach to cancer therapy, using the best of alternative and conventional therapies to strengthen the immune system while targeting cancer cells. 

Complex Disease Program

Personalized treatment protocols based on lab testing to identify the root causes of your disease and reverse the causes of your complex disease holistically.

Anti-Aging Medicine Program

While no one can stop the aging process, we can control the aging of our cells with help from anti-aging medicine and IV infusions to reverse the cellular aging process.


The Silver Cancer Institute has had the pleasure of helping countless patients on their road to recovery. Dr. Silver has treated patients from all backgrounds and walks of life, and we've seen even the most dire cases reach and stay in remission with our treatments. Here are a few of the inspirational testimonials and survivor stories we've witnessed at the Silver Cancer Institute, told by the patients themselves.

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